How it Works

After more than a decade of providing rural health medicine services we have learned some things about the unique needs and requirements of critical access hospitals. Our experienced medical director works with your administrators to achieve improved patient care and outcomes, increased community utilization of your facility and use of in-hospital services.

Remedy employees assigned to work for your hospital are dedicated to your patients and the success of your facility. This is their job and they take pride in being the best professionals possible.

Our experience has proven that this is an innovative, sustainable way to improve hospital revenue and keep rural healthcare systems strong.

Remedy Medical Providers
Remedy Er Hospitalist Integrated

Our integrated hospital/emergency medicine program is a service that radically changes the way in-hospital medicine from the emergency department to the hospital bed is practiced. By using a hybrid team of Physicians and Associate Providers (Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants), Remedy can completely staff and manage all your in-hospital patient care needs. This service starts in the emergency department where ED physicians and associate providers will establish the need for hospitalization of your patients and continue the care of your patient through our hospital management team.

This unique approach, assures continuity of care, patient satisfaction and by judicious use of Associate Providers specially trained and supervised by our physician staff will not only improve outcomes but reduce costs for providing in-patient care. A complete in-house Hospital Program will:

  • Allow administrators to focus on strengthening outpatient clinical practices
  • Eliminate call and in-patient care for clinical doctors and improves recruitment and retention of outpatient clinical providers
  • Improve both in-patient and out-patient outcomes
  • Improve utilization of all hospital services while reducing overall costs associated with a stand-alone hospitalist program
Remedy Er

Under Remedy’s management program, our experienced, qualified physicians fully staff and manage your Emergency Department, and a dedicated medical director works with your medical staff and administration to assure high quality patient care and excellent communication.

Remedy Hospitalist

When Remedy staffs and manages your hospitalist program, the on-call burden is dramatically reduced for your local clinic providers. Billing accuracy, patient outcomes and patient satisfaction are improved, resulting in improved financial performance.

We’re not a locum tenens agency.

Temporary physicians can struggle to make strong enough connections to keep patients coming back. Too frequently, it becomes a downward spiral the hospital can’t pull out of. We are a medical group that focuses on providing healthcare in the rural setting, providing a long-term, single-source solution for hospitalist and ER staffing that empowers rural hospitals to thrive.

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