Striking the Right Balance for Medical Providers

Physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners are in high demand almost anywhere in the U.S., so when it comes to where and when you practice, you have a lot of options. But achieving the right balance of autonomy, pay, benefits and lifestyle can still be tricky. Remedy Medical Services was founded by physicians who understand that challenge, and we’ve worked hard to create a business model where providers, hospitals and patients all benefit.

If you’ve considered practicing in a rural hospital in the past, you may have been dissuaded by a number of things. Many medical providers don’t want to relocate their families. Some clinicians don’t like the idea of being employed by the hospital – they want to maintain a greater voice in how they work, so they prefer the environment of a group practice. Or perhaps you’ve tried rural practice via a locum tenens model and found that it’s hard to fit in when you’re viewed as only a temporary part of the team.

Remedy Medical Services is different than a locum tenens provider, and different than working directly for a hospital. We are a medical group that focuses on rural hospitals, providing a long-term, single-source solution for hospitalist and ER staffing. It’s a unique model, and it offers unique benefits for our providers. Here are just a few of the advantages of working with us:

  • You’ll be providing much-needed patient care. Because we partner with hospitals for the long term, our providers become an integral part of their local healthcare communities and can see the impact they make on patient care. You probably know that word travels fast in small towns, so when a high-quality provider group sets up practice, it quickly becomes a source of local pride.
  • You’ll keep the advantages of a group practice. Our providers have direct input into the policies and procedures that affect the quality of their practice and the hospitals they serve. Our medical directors and executive staff collaborate closely with hospital administration to keep communication strong, and monthly staff meetings help you stay directly informed.
  • You’ll have flexible scheduling options. We offer creative scheduling to minimize commuting whenever possible. And while you are working, we provide local housing to give you a true home away from home rather than a typical hotel room.
  • We prioritize continuing education. Our full-time providers get CME reimbursement of up to $5,000 per year, helping them keep their skills cutting edge, which is often a challenge for rural practitioners.
  • You’ll get one of the best salary and benefits packages in the industry. You can see more details on our Employment page, but the bottom line is we are serious about recruiting and retaining outstanding care providers.

We strike the proper balance that you’ve been looking for. Be a part of something better. Be a part of Remedy Medical Services.

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Remedy Medical Services

At Remedy Medical Services, we work directly with administration by providing a qualified medical director and setting up attainable standards and metrics that improve quality. Remedy Medical Services executive staff are always available to our hospital partners. Hospital administrators collaborate directly with our providers through our monthly staff meetings. Our experience has proven that this is an innovative, sustainable way to improve hospital revenue and keep rural healthcare systems strong.